Thursday, December 31, 2015

November / December / Happy New Year!

Shit! Sorry for a horribly long delay. I haven't done anything for this blog during november/december times. I've had other stuff to do... Anyways, let's continue.


Sueisntfine/Fatal Position Split

Beasty noisecore from USA Fatal Position has come to terms with my one man powerviolence Sueisntfine. F.p. haven't changed a bit, they're still loud and they're still fucked up. mine is a bit different from my previous releases. It has this sort of The Locust vibe tho it's more likely stripped down. All my 6 songs are made from Garageband (this is my first try yo).

WAAS / Cult of Pythagoras

my WAAS's single split with my dear friend Olin's Cult of Pythagoras. A single share of drowsy sci-fi atmosphere that we have ever composed.

I Tried To Smell A Flower, But The Petals Scraped my Corneas Out - First Demo

Here's this rad one man aussie skramz coming from melbourne. 4 tracks of lo-fi acoustic skramz. This project only has this and a couple of songs and is now dead.

WAAS / Raven

This is by far, the most impressive thing i have ever done. The second track is my favorite. Pure chaos, delusions and paranoia.


Raven - Idiots Parade

After my split with Raven, he had decided for me to release another thing, and that is this unforgivable 5-min track called Idiots Parade. A must listen.

Brunettes - These Words Will Become Duller With Each One I Write

Post-hardcore/Screamo from Boston, Massachussets, USA. Two tracks of radness. What else can i say?

Telekom Basketball - Demo

Gee, what's this? A nice, noisy, lo-fi emotive hardcore from Finland? A bit filthy, but sounds really promising.

Bitchslap / Nekro Batica - Procreation of Nothingness

Antonio Jovanovic, the author behind two of these projects, decided to put them for this precious split. Bitchslap here displays, like its previous ep, weird electronic dance music, as if its like a video game music. Nekro Batica, on the other hand, takes Silent Hill as an influence for its dark ambient landscape.

での受ので - Killed All My Sweet Kittens

Imagine if this was Vaporwave, but only on children's songs and then add a bunch of random noises and then play it out loud for the entire city streets to go mad randomly. This is what it's like.

Flooducti - Immunotherapy

This was supposed to be the last release of John's Noise Records, but the label is still going so, no. It's not the last. Flooducti produces three tracks of industrial, nightmarish psychological journeys.

Los Que Perdonan - Tormento

Dancy, indie-rock influenced screamo from Argentina. 3 tracks of raw, punk music.

Chronic Fatigue - Demo

Angsty as fuck hardcore punk from Umeå, Sweden.

Droux und Gisg - Demo 2015

Sick as fuck cybergrind from Umeå, Sweden. 2 tracks made as a one man band, more tracks with more members will be here soon.

Destined - Growing

After their full length album "Many a Moon", 90's emo Destined decided to release one more time in 2015, and it's their three track ep "Holding". Three tracks of poetic beauty. It just goes to show that you can still be original without the help of La Dispute and Touche Amore. You can just go your way and this band proves it.


I wish you all a happy new year everyone!!!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015 / CSR Halloween Specials is OUT NOW!

Not much has been released this month, though it continues here haha...

The Mormon Death Squad - The Good Book

Another freak noise from Colorado, USA, depicting Action Pollock (Guitar/Electronics) and King Dizzy (Guitar/Distortions) taking action tripping through their songs.

Xtematix / WeAreAllSlaves / V Sabo - Manic - Possess - Slaughter

After a few discussions with V Sabo (Hungary) and Xtematic (Croatia), we decided to make our way for the three way split, depicting the audial and visual seeings of aggressiveness, violent murders and unforgiving possessions on innocent people.

Here we are, with this new thing called Japanoise. In this month, we have Yuuko Haii, another confused noise weirdo being noisey about the noisey apocalypse and his obsession about Mambo. Tbh, it's not a brutal Harsh Noise, it's more of a Musique Concrete style, which is surprisingly interesting. Lots of his audience have gathered around even when somebody like me helps him with every releases (this is my first of him tho).


At last, the Halloween night has begun. Bunch of preteens and children strolling around in the suburban streets of America and in Europe, trick or treating with candies and whatnot, watching their favorite horror classic marathons and wearing costumes of their favorite characters, etc. Tho nobody should forget about this compilation that is OUT NOW on Bandcamp. Happy Halloween!

In this compilation, we have got 13 songs from artists of each country like Serbia (Nekro Batica, Antitalent, Bitchslap, WAAS, Souless Savvi, Sueisntfine), USA (Funeralopolis, disposable, Logical Flora), Puerto Rico (Private Institute In Heaven), Italy (Painburn), Russia (Lora) and Canada (Moyo).

Monday, October 26, 2015

September 2015 / Halloween Compilation

In this month, the releasing chronicle continues...

Moyo - Kitsch Drawf

Crazy, random and totally kitschy noise from Canada named MOYO, who finally has this material released in our CSR base. AN: The whole track is 30 mins long, but Bandcamp couldn't upload the entire track so it's separated in two.

Echoes throughout the caverns of Leytonstone - Submerged at the lowest depths of hollow ponds

Interestingly gloomy and surreal dark ambient/drone/Noise from United Kingdom. Two tracks clocking about 40 minutes in total.

WeAreAllSlaves / Coma Berenices split

Another crazy split of my project (WAAS) with a noise newbie from Greece. Coma Berenices (Greece) comes up with this strange artwork idea and even more stranger noise compositions, tho i (Serbia) come up sounding like a bastard child of Throbbing Gristle puking on Marilyn Manson poster.

Lora - EP

Crazy spastic emoviolence from Moscow, Russia. 4 short, intense tracks lasting in less than 5 minutes. FFO: Jeromes Dream, Usurp Synapse, Orchid, Neil Perry.

The Spectral Circle Cult - Mangle Mind Meddle

Another strange noise/dark ambient as expected from Colorado, USA. 4 long tracks of surreal art audio collages and samples thrown in the tape.

MTS M - N a d a

Obscure, enigmatic noise from Santiago, Chile.


As you may know, this month is Halloween, one of the most beloved events of Fall. I know, i like it too. Then i started collecting tracks, doesn't matter if released or unreleased or just made for something. The deadline will be at the end of the month.

If anyone wants to join, please send me the track via

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

Raven - Kill The King

Harsh Noise project from Serbia comes out with a super anarchistic 20 minute audio riot. It's simple, it's chaotic and it's super punk and super angry. Definitely worth it.

Single Soul / Boring Bathtimes - Photo Shoot Suicide

Two sadcore bedroom newbies from USA coming up with 4 songs from each artists. Single Soul has this sort of unique bedroom influences coming from S (Jenn Ghetto), just friends., SoulWhirlingSomewhere and other sadcore music with shoegaze icing on the top. Boring Bathtimes puts out dreamy yet gloomy sadcore which i think it's made out decently, not bad for the split.

Bitchslap - Resort

Nekro Batica's Experimental Electronic side project Bitchslap has released a new ep 'Resort' which differentiates highly from its debut 'Slapperpuncher' who previously displays some twisted atmospheres of 90's rave. This ep, however, is almost Vaporwave-like. NB has given me two versions: noised and raw. I decided to chose raw because noised version's quality is pretty unhearable. So, here's the raw version of 'Resort'!

Oliver Tate / WeAreAllSlaves Split

Two experimental artist come from the different points in the map. Oliver Tate from Santiago Chile and WeAreAllSlaves from Belgrade, Serbia. Oliver starts off with his two enigmatic tracks and WeAreAllSlaves takes the rest of the space of mentally riveting Pharmakon-esque drivel with just about enough noise to make you feel you wanna stop listening to it, but you wouldn't because you're already hypnotized. This is by far my favorite split i have ever worked on. A must listen.

Sriba Boys - Discography

Still active thrashcore trios from Rostov-on-don, Russia are more than happy to be with us this month! Here's this 30 mins discography containing 6 tracks from the demo (which also featured in the split with Entre Os Dentes), 6 tracks from an Ep Бегство от Свободы and 9 tracks from their LP Водоворот. Like i said, they play thrashcore music. In my personal opinion, i think they deserve to be here because these guys can do no wrong being badasses. It's a decent find and i think you should check these guys out if you're a fan of hardcore!

disposable. - Persona Grata

Depressive emoviolence trio from San Antonio, Texas. If you're looking for a band similar to Orchid, Tristan Tzara or Marais, then you might consider yourselves lucky when you stumble upon this one. Wallpaper tearing shrieks? Check! Angsty, yet maturely written lyrics? Check! Get some recognition? Well, i already released this on CSR so they're getting dozens of it.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 2015

So, the releasing thing has just started today. Here are the releases in the following order:

WeAreAllSlaves / Rezeegtnuk - You Can Only Get Mad Once
A Noise split between my project from Belgrade, Serbia (WeAreAllSlaves) and Comedy Noise from Ontario, Canada (Rezeegtnuk).

- Nulajednanulanula - Demo
Now, this is something so rare from Czech Republic. Agonizing screams, melancholic and desperate songwriting. This band has everything this label needs

- V Sabo - Emowave
An interesting Harsh Noise from Hungary focusing on 'emo' topics, hence the title of this EP. I prefer it as the best. Yes, it is. Heheh... IMO, this is somehow an interesting noise project that i have come across, so don't miss this...

Aspen Grove - In The Shade EP
Honestly, this is one of the decent Post-Rock/Shoegaze/Screamo bands i have discovered. No overused build-ups like most Post-Rock bands do, only calm progression occurs in this very, if not hopefully, last EP. If anyone else, like me, get tired of build-ups, this EP is for you.

The Insekt Life Cycle - Purple Gaze EP
How precious this EP is from an Instrumental Post-Rock trio from Philippines. It's like a mix of Mogwai and Mono. Very sweet and moving structures. I would also recommend this for post-rockers.

Nekro Batica - The Prison of My Youth and Other Not So Bright Speechless Stories
A Dark Ambient/Noise project from Serbia produces some dark, sinister, melancholic atmosphere. It could be more likely for sleep mode, but it could be a chiller tone to make your skins crawl. Or not. See for yourselves.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Finally! The 1st Confusion Specialist Compilation is out.

I'm satisfied and surprised to share this post for everyone who joined in this comp. For those who aren't familiar with it, this is a typical compilation, consisting of various bands who play their own sounds, such as screamo, noise, experimental, shoegaze and so on. 41 tracks may fulfill your enjoyment. And it also might make you get to know these artists. If you like it so far, please spread the word about it and share it. Thanks!

Check it here!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The first compilation of CSR will be finishing soon...

Apparently, i've gotten into a contact with lots of bands who are happy to share the tunes with us. I am very happy to say that i have got nearly 30 songs on my iTunes playlist (to perfectly watch which track is in line for a bandcamp upload).
Just look how everything has filled the slot!

That being said, it won't be on CD-r because of a very long duration for the whole compilation and will be possibly for a free download. Thank you for joining.

And if there's anything that i could do for you, message me via email from my first post below.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Confusion Specialist Records is born!

Hi, this is my first DIY/Net label that i have recently started. The name coming from a Jeromes Dream song came to my mind of a record label name because it sounded so fucking awesome. I thought starting it later, but i changed my mind and started it now.

Now, first thing's first, ALL i want for the label to put is:
- Screamo/Emoviolence
- Powerviolence
- Noisecore
- Fastcore
- Noise
- Drone
- Dark Ambient
- Experimental/Avant Garde
- Hardcore Punk
- Lo-fi
- Indie Rock
- Shoegaze/Noise Pop
- Bedroom projects
- Post-Rock

What i DON'T want:
- Elite bullshit.
- Twinkle Daddies bullshit.
- Boring and uninteresting mediocre bullshit.
- Shit that is too whiny.
- Shit that is too douchy.
- Shit that is inconveniently forced.

Now, keep in mind that it is a little DIY/Net label, not a major one, like Ebulition, Clean Plate Records, Zegema Beach Records, Deathwish Records, etc. I am NOT here to put out your precious vinyls since the situation here in Belgrade is completely out of control, economically. I release sometimes CD-R's, probably in slim, normal cd cases or in DVD cases. But i am planning to make it Net Label in the start since i haven't got a bank account yet.

Now, if you want to your music to be submitted, write me in my gmail or send me a message via my facebook page. You can send me the music using WeTransfer/Mediafire etc.

Thank you for reading.