Friday, March 20, 2015

Confusion Specialist Records is born!

Hi, this is my first DIY/Net label that i have recently started. The name coming from a Jeromes Dream song came to my mind of a record label name because it sounded so fucking awesome. I thought starting it later, but i changed my mind and started it now.

Now, first thing's first, ALL i want for the label to put is:
- Screamo/Emoviolence
- Powerviolence
- Noisecore
- Fastcore
- Noise
- Drone
- Dark Ambient
- Experimental/Avant Garde
- Hardcore Punk
- Lo-fi
- Indie Rock
- Shoegaze/Noise Pop
- Bedroom projects
- Post-Rock

What i DON'T want:
- Elite bullshit.
- Twinkle Daddies bullshit.
- Boring and uninteresting mediocre bullshit.
- Shit that is too whiny.
- Shit that is too douchy.
- Shit that is inconveniently forced.

Now, keep in mind that it is a little DIY/Net label, not a major one, like Ebulition, Clean Plate Records, Zegema Beach Records, Deathwish Records, etc. I am NOT here to put out your precious vinyls since the situation here in Belgrade is completely out of control, economically. I release sometimes CD-R's, probably in slim, normal cd cases or in DVD cases. But i am planning to make it Net Label in the start since i haven't got a bank account yet.

Now, if you want to your music to be submitted, write me in my gmail or send me a message via my facebook page. You can send me the music using WeTransfer/Mediafire etc.

Thank you for reading.

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