Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 2016

The Poise - Visceral EP

This band came up to my label and submitted me to release their very first ep. I took a listen and this has the taste of The Jesus and the mary chain, Ride and Joy Division. It's a really sweet garage/dream pop band with post punk influences. Definitely worth checking out.

V Sabo / Shum split

This mentally nauseating split made by two hungarians V Sabo and Shum sums up pretty difficult to almost everyone in this world. With V Sabo's Sterunbtex, we are driven to the point of chaos and insanity, then we get mercilessly butchered by the hands of Shum and left to die. Possibly the toughest to sit through, but certainly the best to ever put out of.

Cady - Isle of Flowers

One of the England's fantabulous screamo bands is more than happy to be featured on our page, with granted permission. Cady plays blackened emoviolence with the likes of June Paik and Neil Perry.

Urge - S/t

Really sweet italian screamo takes a dark approach in La Quiete, making it more desperate and destructive. This is what makes it so powerful. Not to miss out.

Aaron & Natty - Aaron & Natty's 2k16 Noise/Folk Jamboree

A good friend Natty asked me to release this, so i decided to check it out a bit and it's pretty fun. Aaron & Natty made it for fun, and that's something i like about this. Tensions and boiling blood aside, this might cheer you up a bit.

Mr. Hammer - Humans are Scum EP

Chree Kingslayer's (ex-drummer of The Number Twelve Looks Like You) side project that has come out a long time ago in myspace, decided that i release it on CSR. Frankly, i think it deserves to be there. Cause of absurdity, hopelessness and hatred painted in every music sheet, every scribbled word on the sketchbook. It's what we feel inside. Cheesy, yet definitely worth checking it out.

Social Drift - Walls?

What happens when you go to the zone where you suddenly have your ears explode till you can't hear no more? That's what this cover and this entire 15 minutes is all about. Tho, obvious question mark in the titles makes it seems like a really strange dream. Nevertheless, sleep tight.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016

Behold - s/t EP

Behold (aka. We Watched in Horror) hadn't been changed much, besides changing their name. Typically raw-black metal influenced emoviolence. I even contributed on 'Find the Faith' and it even sounds better than on the second CSR comp. However, i was told they will change their sounds for some time. Cannot wait to hear some more.

Ash U Ra - Mare

An avant garde project from Santiago, Chile releases this really trippy piece. The assailant behind this claimed he recorded from his cat's purrs, digitally altering and butchering them into rusty static sounds. Dat gag tho: Purr Noise Wall

Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016

Sueisntfine / Collapsed Lung split

Another nice split with a pair of good fellas under the name Collapsed Lung. As sueisntfine, i have released some old unreleased songs that should've been out a long time ago. But, here it is anyway.

Dosis Letalis - Elections are Coming

A nice little HNW coming from Serbia. More wallz and violence from DL. Perhaps more violent than Raven. I love them both, tho.

Goodthink - Guilt

A final goodthink album that finally takes a cake on the screamo route. A flabbergasting mix of Makara, 25 Dollar Massacre and Daughters, etc. Not gonna lie, Guilt is potentionally good.

Telekom Basketball - Katosit terälehtiin kirkkaudessa ja en nähnyt sinua enää koskaan

A finnish emo extended play whose quality has proven after their noise-rock driven demo. TB bears resemblances of 90's emocores such as Embassy and I Hate Myself.

Actually Dying, Many Apologies - Self Titled EP.

A very first EP of Actually Dying came out this month since their split with We Watched In Horror. This ep tends to be more improvisational and kinda messy in the way that they don't actually care about the music making rules.

PKWST - Unnameable in Any Known Language

A black metal influenced harsh noise band from Phoenix, AZ, USA featuring Carrion, Moyo and PKWST themselves. This compilation of theirs is, after a pack of their hourly individual albums, collects 8 tracks that clock to almost 82 minutes. Sure, it's not for everyone, but it doesn't mean you don't have to check it out if you're wondering what border that such music breaks.

Nekro Batica - Zaborav EP

A gritty serbian dark ambient ep containing 5 tracks concealing shrouds of forgetfulness.

Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016

This month had been really intense to me, because of the exams that i had to endure and i managed to clear some in time while awaiting the last ones to July. Continuing with the only release...

Raven - Beneath The Ruins

yep. Raven's back for more. He doesn't stop and will never stop making noise. This one's been really crazy, as always with the rest of Raven's discography.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2nd Compilation out NOW!

At last, after collecting 35 tracks from 35 artists from half the world, i am able to arrange the tracklist and make it go with the flow. So, here it is: My second compilation of CSR!

Stream here!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 2016

Merzlux - Merzbow Reconstructions EP

This indeed is the most weirdest Merzbow tribute EP ever made. It has this Musique Concrete feel into it. But it was definitely worth putting.

Anti-Yugo & Nazi Grinder Machine - Demo 2

Oh, look! Another demo! Actually, it sounds a lot of better than my first. It kinda lacked the noisiness that my second features. A lot more brutal than ever. Maybe an EP would be out soon.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

2nd Compilation!!!

This month is April. One two months away... This means we have the time to start a CSR's 2nd compilation! I know, i am excited too! All you need to do is to follow the rules under:
- Wav file always.

- HNW / Noise running time: 5 - 9 mins.

- Lyrics, links & info.

The deadline will be in 15th June, the same day we released our first compilation. The email is

See you there!

Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2016


This HNW release, as stated by R.P., as "an analysis on his pre-teen Melody immersion" and Deny The Rites did just that. 2 tracks including a remix by Julien Skrobek definitely takes the cake on how to do HNW properly.


Another awesome experimental noise artist Gas Station of Love (Joey Corman) is so pleased to have me introduce his new work "Theory of Ghosts", packed with erie, surrealistic pattern and nightmarish ghastly atmosphere that will leave you breathless in no time.


To my surprise, finding a nintendocore band like this is a great discovery and a great addition for CSR. Kizumono no Hanako stops at nothing at creating a mix of Nintendo soundtracks, screamo and enough energy to express badassery. I sometimes imagine a split between Kizumono No Hanoko and Logical Flora. That would be awesome. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 2016


My new one man grind-noisecore where a demo/album/ep/split doesn't even need the name of the short-as-hell tracks. It's more like whatever idgaf about song titles just make some noise already.

AMINUPAULA - 1 + 1 = 0

An interesting discovery on, a russian minimal electronic duo Aminupaula from Novosibirsk, we have 5 tracks of industrial and noise influences in their EP 1 + 1 = 0. Definitely worth checking out.


This incredible new one man, Yubari Gogo, from Greece, Tears screamo a new face with this s/t. "Nonfiction" and "To Never Sanctify Carlos Gesualdo" appeared in a two track cassette. Tho, it's undeniable of how wonderful this album is. Definitely my fav of 2016.


The way Lucy brings noise with her friends to my label never ceases to amaze me. Lucy and Stadium 6221 from Hungary, proceed to spread further wings of noise, closing down the walls in the most narrowest ways and crush your lungs to death.

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016

My new band with Andrew of Cohentehja Nitt. Basically, we're a virtual depressive emo duo. Andrew wrote his own sample lyrics for three tracks, tho i have written my own for the second track. I think it can be considered as a demo EP. This is a good start to me, and maybe we will be making better music in the future.


Violent, homicidal HNW release of Joseph Szymkowiak's (Nahash Atrym Productions, Run, Uv Ursa Spr) Public Morbidity. Two tracks of never ending bloodshed.


Punishing hxcx pxvx from Querfurt, Germany. The recollections of unreleased songs including their demo ep.


Gritty, blackened lo-fi emoviolence from Massachusetts, USA. One man band in its entirety. Brutally sharp vocals completely take over raw screamo music we haven't heard before. Raw black metal influence is always better than the polished one. FFO: Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Kobra Khan, Orchid, Grievance, Dispensing of False Halos.


Hungarian noise artist is back once more so far since his release "Emowave" came into our fridge. It consists of mixes with Dark Ambient Misanthropy and Furious Harsh Noise Landscapes.


Blackened lo-fi screamo and Manic Sludge Skramz, both from USA coming together with a really grimy split. Actually Dying's side is a 18 minutes of total manic chaos and never ending suffering. In Horror's side is fast, intense and completely crazy in its own way. Definitely my favorite split release of all time.


Destined's self-titled EP has recently come out since their last ep 'Growing'. The production is a bit outdated but still decent enough.


My HNW project Lucy Jane Garcia has previously released self-titled album and other one "Call Me Lucy" and this time a split with a well known HNW pioneer Vomir. 2 tracks made by each of us as a protest for Trans rights and as a resistance against transphobia and bigotry.