Thursday, December 31, 2015

November / December / Happy New Year!

Shit! Sorry for a horribly long delay. I haven't done anything for this blog during november/december times. I've had other stuff to do... Anyways, let's continue.


Sueisntfine/Fatal Position Split

Beasty noisecore from USA Fatal Position has come to terms with my one man powerviolence Sueisntfine. F.p. haven't changed a bit, they're still loud and they're still fucked up. mine is a bit different from my previous releases. It has this sort of The Locust vibe tho it's more likely stripped down. All my 6 songs are made from Garageband (this is my first try yo).

WAAS / Cult of Pythagoras

my WAAS's single split with my dear friend Olin's Cult of Pythagoras. A single share of drowsy sci-fi atmosphere that we have ever composed.

I Tried To Smell A Flower, But The Petals Scraped my Corneas Out - First Demo

Here's this rad one man aussie skramz coming from melbourne. 4 tracks of lo-fi acoustic skramz. This project only has this and a couple of songs and is now dead.

WAAS / Raven

This is by far, the most impressive thing i have ever done. The second track is my favorite. Pure chaos, delusions and paranoia.


Raven - Idiots Parade

After my split with Raven, he had decided for me to release another thing, and that is this unforgivable 5-min track called Idiots Parade. A must listen.

Brunettes - These Words Will Become Duller With Each One I Write

Post-hardcore/Screamo from Boston, Massachussets, USA. Two tracks of radness. What else can i say?

Telekom Basketball - Demo

Gee, what's this? A nice, noisy, lo-fi emotive hardcore from Finland? A bit filthy, but sounds really promising.

Bitchslap / Nekro Batica - Procreation of Nothingness

Antonio Jovanovic, the author behind two of these projects, decided to put them for this precious split. Bitchslap here displays, like its previous ep, weird electronic dance music, as if its like a video game music. Nekro Batica, on the other hand, takes Silent Hill as an influence for its dark ambient landscape.

での受ので - Killed All My Sweet Kittens

Imagine if this was Vaporwave, but only on children's songs and then add a bunch of random noises and then play it out loud for the entire city streets to go mad randomly. This is what it's like.

Flooducti - Immunotherapy

This was supposed to be the last release of John's Noise Records, but the label is still going so, no. It's not the last. Flooducti produces three tracks of industrial, nightmarish psychological journeys.

Los Que Perdonan - Tormento

Dancy, indie-rock influenced screamo from Argentina. 3 tracks of raw, punk music.

Chronic Fatigue - Demo

Angsty as fuck hardcore punk from Umeå, Sweden.

Droux und Gisg - Demo 2015

Sick as fuck cybergrind from Umeå, Sweden. 2 tracks made as a one man band, more tracks with more members will be here soon.

Destined - Growing

After their full length album "Many a Moon", 90's emo Destined decided to release one more time in 2015, and it's their three track ep "Holding". Three tracks of poetic beauty. It just goes to show that you can still be original without the help of La Dispute and Touche Amore. You can just go your way and this band proves it.


I wish you all a happy new year everyone!!!!!!

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