Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015

Raven - Kill The King

Harsh Noise project from Serbia comes out with a super anarchistic 20 minute audio riot. It's simple, it's chaotic and it's super punk and super angry. Definitely worth it.

Single Soul / Boring Bathtimes - Photo Shoot Suicide

Two sadcore bedroom newbies from USA coming up with 4 songs from each artists. Single Soul has this sort of unique bedroom influences coming from S (Jenn Ghetto), just friends., SoulWhirlingSomewhere and other sadcore music with shoegaze icing on the top. Boring Bathtimes puts out dreamy yet gloomy sadcore which i think it's made out decently, not bad for the split.

Bitchslap - Resort

Nekro Batica's Experimental Electronic side project Bitchslap has released a new ep 'Resort' which differentiates highly from its debut 'Slapperpuncher' who previously displays some twisted atmospheres of 90's rave. This ep, however, is almost Vaporwave-like. NB has given me two versions: noised and raw. I decided to chose raw because noised version's quality is pretty unhearable. So, here's the raw version of 'Resort'!

Oliver Tate / WeAreAllSlaves Split

Two experimental artist come from the different points in the map. Oliver Tate from Santiago Chile and WeAreAllSlaves from Belgrade, Serbia. Oliver starts off with his two enigmatic tracks and WeAreAllSlaves takes the rest of the space of mentally riveting Pharmakon-esque drivel with just about enough noise to make you feel you wanna stop listening to it, but you wouldn't because you're already hypnotized. This is by far my favorite split i have ever worked on. A must listen.

Sriba Boys - Discography

Still active thrashcore trios from Rostov-on-don, Russia are more than happy to be with us this month! Here's this 30 mins discography containing 6 tracks from the demo (which also featured in the split with Entre Os Dentes), 6 tracks from an Ep Бегство от Свободы and 9 tracks from their LP Водоворот. Like i said, they play thrashcore music. In my personal opinion, i think they deserve to be here because these guys can do no wrong being badasses. It's a decent find and i think you should check these guys out if you're a fan of hardcore!

disposable. - Persona Grata

Depressive emoviolence trio from San Antonio, Texas. If you're looking for a band similar to Orchid, Tristan Tzara or Marais, then you might consider yourselves lucky when you stumble upon this one. Wallpaper tearing shrieks? Check! Angsty, yet maturely written lyrics? Check! Get some recognition? Well, i already released this on CSR so they're getting dozens of it.

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