Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 2015

So, the releasing thing has just started today. Here are the releases in the following order:

WeAreAllSlaves / Rezeegtnuk - You Can Only Get Mad Once
A Noise split between my project from Belgrade, Serbia (WeAreAllSlaves) and Comedy Noise from Ontario, Canada (Rezeegtnuk).

- Nulajednanulanula - Demo
Now, this is something so rare from Czech Republic. Agonizing screams, melancholic and desperate songwriting. This band has everything this label needs

- V Sabo - Emowave
An interesting Harsh Noise from Hungary focusing on 'emo' topics, hence the title of this EP. I prefer it as the best. Yes, it is. Heheh... IMO, this is somehow an interesting noise project that i have come across, so don't miss this...

Aspen Grove - In The Shade EP
Honestly, this is one of the decent Post-Rock/Shoegaze/Screamo bands i have discovered. No overused build-ups like most Post-Rock bands do, only calm progression occurs in this very, if not hopefully, last EP. If anyone else, like me, get tired of build-ups, this EP is for you.

The Insekt Life Cycle - Purple Gaze EP
How precious this EP is from an Instrumental Post-Rock trio from Philippines. It's like a mix of Mogwai and Mono. Very sweet and moving structures. I would also recommend this for post-rockers.

Nekro Batica - The Prison of My Youth and Other Not So Bright Speechless Stories
A Dark Ambient/Noise project from Serbia produces some dark, sinister, melancholic atmosphere. It could be more likely for sleep mode, but it could be a chiller tone to make your skins crawl. Or not. See for yourselves.

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